Sunday, December 17, 2006

Recycling with California Liquid Sunshine

Yesterday...decided to get the recycling out of the garage - DS used to do it but since he's married, he doesn't do that for us anymore. It needed to be done badly - the bags were in the way of getting to the Christmas decorations! Took two loads in my small car. The first load was easy. Got almost 15 dollars. Second load had more cans and when I got there it started misting-was hoping to get done before the skies let loose - they were looking rather ominous...but no such luck! The recycle guy made me an emergency raincoat by cutting holes in a big plastic bag, but by the time I was done dumping the stuff out of the car, I still looked like a drowned rat - water was dripping from my now soaking locks of hair. Recycling here is a two step process -you fill up the cans and the guy gives you a slip for what it's worth - then you have to go into the grocery store to turn in the slip to get the cash. The second load I got almost 20 bucks...and the rain stopped as soon as I got in the store. I went home and took a nice hot shower!

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Susan said...

So what will you do with your $35 "free" money?