Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This Is The Table That Suze Built

Table is DONE and behind the sofa! Color at least matches the color of the trim on the sofa, so that worked out. I was going to put another coat on this morning...but just got too anxious to have the project done with so I skipped it - the can recommended two coats so that's where I stopped!

Here's the view from the can't see the table, only whats on it! I have nominal Christmas decorations up - the Christmas Carol Bear sitting on the speaker is a Vermont Teddy Bear that I got from a Christmas drawing from a local radio show I listen to.
In the foreground is the coffee table - I restored its finish and replaced a couple of the leg brackets on it that were making the table wobbly. Now its solid! That's my hand paper pieced and hand quilted Hunter's Star table runner on top.
This is the mantel to our curved fireplace with our Nativity. It stays out all year - DH likes looking at it. In the left corner is the Angel with harp music box...its electronic and I think the battery is running down, she's sounding a wee bit tired (like me!) Next to her is the Swedish Angel Bells. Next is a stained glass Angel that a friend from work made for me one year for our Christmas exchange. Gracing the two sides of the Nativity are 'Hope' Beanie Bears. On the other side of the Nativity is a little Angel holding a dove - DM thinks she looks like I did as a child. Then a Threadbear Bear which a friend gave me as a thank you for dog sitting, a 'Darling' Beanie Dog that has the same birthday as me and which DH got for me for my birthday several years ago. There are a couple more Beanie Bears in the back, including a 'Princess Diana' Beanie Bear.
I used to put out my collection of Christmas music boxes on the mantel but since the youngest cat likes to jump, I have been reluctant to trust all of them up there!
One of these days I need to make a mantel will be a tricky one since the mantel is curved around a 90 degree angle.


Gerry said...

I love your curved mantel. First one I've ever seen! Great job on the table too.

Debra Spincic said...

Your table will be so handy! Great job!

Granny Fran said...

You are my kind of woman! I love that you made a table when you couldn't find what you needed. Your Christmas birds are wonderful, so bright.

Susan said...

Your table is so beautiful! What a wonderful job you did. You sound like you are handy at any number of things. =) The curved mantel is an interesting decorative challenge, I'll bet. It looks fabulous here, though, as does your paper pieced table runner.